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#i dare anyone tell me yue wasn’t a warrior in her own right #just look at her face in this gif #she sacrificed herself for her people willingly and without hesitation

she was just a little Mary Sue

is it because she’s pretty? is because she’s a princess? is it because sokka loved her? what are you basing this on? she is the daughter of a leader who has resisted war for 100 years. she knows her responsibilities to her people. she even tried to stop herself from seeing sokka, even though she desperately wanted to, to keep her engagement and her family’s honor intact. in three episodes, she was shown to be a kind person who was in a position she didn’t like, but had to accept because that’s what she was born to do. this is what the spirit gave her life for. she is a leader. she is a martyr. she may not have thrown daggers or bended fire, but she did what she could for the people she loved. and not just the people she loved. the loss of the moon would have completely damaged both the spirit world and the four nations. she had to clean up the actions of one rash general trying desperately to climb into power. the war would have ended right there, at the battle of the northern water tribe, if she had not sacrificed herself. she realized that her lifeforce was only borrowed, that she had a debt to the spirits and a duty to the world to do what was right. she could have easily run away. no one wanted her to die. no one was forcing her to give herself up. she did not even need to be asked. she knows that there is something bigger than her, even bigger than her tribe, at stake and she walked into her death bravely. how many people would make that ultimate sacrifice? in three episodes, we were shown the single bravest character in all of atla. sorry that she couldn’t stick around to fit whatever standards you have for characters, she was too busy sacrificing herself saving the world to travel around the world with the gaang and have fun adventures.

Let me love you ;_;
…Hey,  I just had this weird idea.
You know how everyone hates Asami because she’s so badass and “perfect” and pretty and is dating a popular hot guy?  And she made a big personal sacrifice and split from her only family to fight for what she knew it her heart was right?  And half the fandom (AND THE WRITERS) ignore all this great potential and give her barely any time to shine on her own, because she’s just an accessory for a boring ship they are trying to shove down our collective throats?
tl;dr I want to fight this fanwank with SOME ASAMI/YUE ART. (Korra is also welcome)
P.S. Also, Asami is voiced by Movie!Yue. Although we don’t talk about that abomination. EVER.

Yue is such an incredibly important character to one of the show’s major themes, sexism, especially in the first season when it’s the basis of Sokka’s entire character arc.
Although Suki is the first one to really challenge Sokka’s sexism, forcing him to revaluate what it means to be masculine, it’s not until he meets Yue that he realises how his attitude can really hurt and trap another person. Until then he keeps trying to sell himself as the manly tribe leader he wants to be, until he comes into contact with premier douchebag Hahn (who Yue has been bethrothed to).
Hahn is basically everything Sokka has ever strived to be but the second he comes into contact with it he realises what a puss-swilling jerkbag way of thinking it is. That’s not to say Sokka’s sexism is completely overcome (that doesn’t happen until The Serpent’s Pass) but the scene above is the moment that really smashes it.
Sokka fighting Hahn for her may seem romantic but it was never going to free Yue. She was trapped in an arranged marriage, in a sexist society, in a situation where men would be fighting for her & over her. No matter what, she was being forced to be dependant on a man’s actions because she was a woman. When her destiny is revealed to her and she breaks from Sokka’s protection it’s the one moment of independence she’ll ever have as a person.
You might argue she had no choice but to become the moon spirit, but Yue wasn’t thrown into the water. She chose to go against the wishes of her male protector. Even if she might have been happy with Sokka she would always be an object, little more then a political mcguffin to her own people.
She may have been caught in her destiny, but it was her destiny. Nobody, no society, no amount of well-intentioned sexist bullshit was going to stop her from fulfilling it.
I like to think even Sokka eventually realised this - he seems to let go at the final moment.
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